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Posted on March 7, 2006 in the Uncategorized category

On the 2nd Day of March….my true love gave to me…..registration at WebDU……

As a side dish to my most inspiring and enjoyable holiday blarg, I have to tell you all of my adventures. Hold on to your hats and glasses and away we go!

So here I am at WebDU ( – why? I don’t rightly know but I think that’s why I’m having so much fun. My hubba hubbie ( ) is one of the guest speakers – so I thought – hey, fun trip to Sydney, why not? I thought I wouldn’t see Rob at all – but you know what? The organizer, Geoff Bowers ( &, was so generous to extend an invitation to me. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve met in a long time (besides my hubbie) and he really puts on a good show with his staff – his company Daemon is one of the sponsors ( .

Here’s my version for anyone (remember my 3 fans including my turtle) who is interested…..I’ve been to a lot of trade shows and conferences but this one was one of the best. I don’t know if it’s because it was in Sydney (the prettiest city with the NICEST people), or if it was the best spread – delicious food and lots of it, or if it was the 2 tea times a day where everyone mingles for 30 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon just chatting, or if it was the fact that the attendees were geeks (smart, nice, a little shy, friendly, eager to share and learn – the highest compliment in my mind), and the speakers were totally down to earth – not egotistical or exclusive as I’ve experienced in the past. But even though I didn’t belong, I felt welcome and part of the group. Geoff, thank you so much for organizing this awesome event – can’t wait till next year!

I have really no business being here but I’m having a hell of a time. I’m learning all about Apollo, Flash 8 (already 50 doption rate) and 8.5, Apache, CFEclipse (which Rob invented ), MYSQL, Flash Lite, ACME, Neuromancer, Sparkle, Fairy Tales, Flex (Flex Builder 2 will definitely kick booty), XLMHTTP Requests and stuff. It’s super cool. I’m inspired to write code – crazy, I know!

So go here – – and register for next year – you will learn kick ass stuff about web development that is way far ahead of anything I’ve seen in America. And you’ll meet cool people. Say hello to Geoff, too – he’s a kick.

Is this enough shameless advertising or what? Who cares – it’s my version…….


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