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On the second day of Christmas……

Posted on December 14, 2005 in the Inspiration category

my true love gave to me….two turtledoves…..

One of my favorite songs is Peace on Earth (or something like it) and it says “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” Doves remind me of peace – and who doesn’t need a little more peace in there lives?! I DO!

Let me be honest – I’m frazzled – I’m stressed about my job, my life, my apartment, my Christmas gifts, the fact that I can’t figure out how to do italics in this blog, and what’s happening in my future. Who isn’t? But I don’t want to get caught up in the negativity. Do you ever notice that unhappy people love to suck you into their unhappiness? Like I’m in a slow line and all of a sudden there’s a impatience pep rally on the rise. Sheesh – it drives me crazy. People have never stopped by my cubicle to bask in the joy and beauty of life – they come to complain.

And all I really I want to do with my life is make people smile, laugh, have fun and let go of the bad stuff. And be kind, too. So peace has to begin with me.

I like my job – but we are going through some changes and everyone is very nervous. There’s a lot of fighting and whining, threatening and meaness – hello, it’s the holidays! – I liken it to Gangs of New York on some days. I know change is scary, but I hate the fact that people aren’t getting along. And it’s easy to get dragged into it – and I was tired of listening.

So I plugged in my ipod and started listening to holiday music and dancing around the office. And it worked – I had a great day! And let me tell you something – I really hate holiday music – I really really hate it before Thanksgiving. I pretty much thaw out by Christmas Eve and even shed a tear or two at Christmas Mass – but this was crazy-like. Now I’m not going to go overboard – if you see me wearing a Santa hat, feel free to kick me – I don’t like it that much.

But like the Prayer of St. Francis says “make me an instrument of Your peace – where there is hatred, let me show love – where there is doubt, let me show faith, etc, etc, etc – I’m going to do more of that.

And less talking…..

Huzzah — Happy 2nd Day of Christmas!


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